Redefine Possible

High performance compute for a new world of applications

Smart Retail​

Winning customer loyalty depends on the experiences they have throughout their purchase journey. Consumers will engage and, more importantly, purchase if you provide them with memorable experiences. Kinara powers check-out-free stores by enabling real-time consumer insights that promotes a frictionless retail experience. With a higher performance per watt than other solutions, Kinara has become the solution of choice for some of the largest retailers.

Smart Cities ​​

With cities becoming smarter, processing IoT data at the edge is imperative for quickly and efficiently reporting the events that matter. Obtaining real-time insights, while minimizing latency and data costs, help cities gain insights to manage building and street security, traffic congestion, and more. Kinara effectively delivers insights safely and cost-effectively with minimal latency, and dramatically increases the intelligence of any city’s video infrastructure.​

Industry 4.0 and Robotics​

Manufacturing automation relies on AI and computer vision to reliably and safely automate complex tasks. Low latency AI compute is critical, as it ensures timely machine interaction to complete each phase of a task, while low power consumption is required to ensure equipment reliability and longevity. Kinara offers the balance of compute, memory, and energy efficiency in a small form factor, making it the definitive choice for manufacturing automation applications.​


Artificial intelligence is changing the way vehicles are being made and driven. The growth of connected and autonomous vehicles has accelerated the demand for high-performance computing at the edge. Kinara enables the processing of complex AI models that run real-time assessment of in-cabin activities like driver distraction, drowsiness, and drunkenness. Embedded in smart sensors and cameras, consumers’ safety and comfort can be better managed with Kinara Edge AI Processors.