Seriously Intelligent Software

The Kinara AI Software Development Kit delivers an automated and virtually seamless migration from training AI models to production deployment. There is no retraining of your AI models, they map to our hardware as-is and deliver high accuracy results.

Our “Software First” approach quickly adapts to changes in neural network architectures, frameworks, and operators, resulting in a faster time-to-market.

Frictionless Deployment


Automatically selects layers to represent in 8-bit or 16-bit integer notation, ensuring highest model accuracy when converting AI models.

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Profiler (1)


Discover and unlock bottlenecks by delivering layer-by-layer AI model performance statistics.


Optimize runtimes for application needs, such as adjusting power consumption to fit system requirements.

Optimizer (1)
Simulator (1)


Find the perfect balance of power, performance and accuracy of models by running on our bit-accurate simulator before deploying to silicon.

Industry Standard Frameworks

Supports industry-standard frameworks and networks, offering clear advantages in migrating new applications into production.​

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Kinara provides world-class tools to develop and deploy powerful Edge AI applications successfully.