Leading Edge AI

Kinara’s game-changing AI solutions revolutionize what people and businesses can achieve. Kinara software and Ara AI processors deliver unrivaled Deep Learning performance at the edge to accelerate and optimize real-time decision making.

Where every millisecond is critical, and power efficiency is a must, Kinara solutions embed high-performance AI into edge devices to create a smarter, safer, and more enjoyable world.

Software that unleashes computing power

Software that Unleashes Computing Power

The value of an AI accelerator’s software lies in seamlessly mapping trained AI models to its hardware. Kinara’s patented Polymorphic Dataflow Architecture is at the heart of both Ara Edge AI Accelerators and our software development kit. Together they ensure frictionless mapping of AI models to Ara Edge AI processors for rapid production deployment.

Ara Processors Power
Real-Time Edge Intelligence

Kinara Ara processors, software and modules are designed into some of the most innovative retail, automotive and
robotic devices, where computing power, small form factor, and up-time, are critical. Trust Ara Edge AI Processors to deliver a winning combination of latency with low power.

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