Generative AI

Kinara masters Generative AI at the edge – increasing productivity and creativity for individuals and businesses

Why run Generative AI models at the source of data collection?

  • Lower Cost
    Lower Cost

    Measurably reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), especially because fine-tuning and deployment on the cloud is cost prohibitive‚Äč.

  • Low Latency
    Low Latency

    Achieve immediate insights directly at the data source, eliminating latency and ensuring timely results.

  • Bandwidth Efficiency
    Bandwidth Efficiency

    Businesses can conserve significant bandwidth, reducing operational costs and improving reliability.

  • Enhanced Security
    Enhanced Security

    Sensitive data remains on-prem, minimizing the piracy and privacy risks associated with continuous cloud transmissions.

Use Cases

With Generative AI at the edge, Kinara paves the way for businesses deploying innovative and targeted applications across diverse industries.

Real-time Image and Video Generation
Real-time Image and Video Generation

As its name implies, Generative AI can generate images and videos in real-time. It can also be used for image correction and replacing objects within images.


Improved clarity, better decision-making based on high-quality visuals, efficient local processing.

Customized Retail Experiences
Customized Retail Experiences

In retail settings, generative AI can create virtual showrooms or product designs tailored to individual customer preferences.


Enhanced customer engagement, increased sales conversions, real-time product customization.

Immersive Gaming
Immersive Gaming

Generative AI can create realistic virtual objects, environments, or NPCs, enhancing the gaming experiences.


Dynamic and immersive experiences, reduced dependency on pre-stored graphics, instant adaptation to user interactions.